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Harnessing the power of young professionals to help kids succeed!


Few experiences have been as rewarding as working with a local nonprofit to initiate a board of young professionals whose sole purpose is to work together to raise awareness and money for kids so they can visit their parents in prisons across the state of Georgia. We are now in our third year as a board and preparing for our fourth annual charity beer tasting event.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

Helen Keller


5K races are a great, healthy way to raise money for your cause! We have had a blast connecting businesses and people who care in family friendly 5K fundraising races.

Camp is where kids go to make friends and end up with family.


Whether it's just for one night, a weekend, or a full week, getting kids out of their urban environment and experiencing new things is excellent for their development. Let us help you plan your next summer camp, from developing a theme, recruiting and training volunteers, to facilitating the adventure.

Kids are our nations most under utilized problem solvers.


Through our youth leadership retreats we have seen that kids have a lot to say about their experience and have some creative ideas about how to solve problems that plague our communities. Let us help you plan your next retreat with unique, challenging, culturally competent and developmentally appropriate activities that will keep them engaged and help them grow.